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About Kidsons

Kidsons Electronics was established in 1968 at Calicut (North Kerala) and were the main traders for home appliances like Fans, Refrigerators, Motors, TV, Paints, Sanitary ware, washing machine as well as Hardware, Sanitary ware and Paints of top brands in Malabar region. Kidsons diversified its activities to manufacturing early in 1980, on a humble beginning with little or no finance and space just enough to seat a few assembling and testing Electronic Calculators. What the company had in ample measure was entrepreneurship, willingness to take risks, innovative spirit and a highly motivated team. Soon a R & D section was set up, and one after other new products were developed and tested to exacting standards before marketing. Kidsons started manufacturing of Calculators, Emergency lights, all types of Voltage Stabilizers and Invertors in a massive scale from 1981.

Today the company products are unrivalled in technological sophistication and quality assurance. Kidsons Voltage Stabilizers are used for various applications like Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, TV, LCD’s, Water cooler, Music systems , Microwave, Deep freezers, Tread mills etc. and is a house – hold name in Kerala. Sophisticated equipments like Bio-medical Equipment, Photocopiers etc. which demand precision Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers were brought to market. The vagaries of power supply prompted to develop inverters to keep vital equipment functioning even during momentary power failures. Besides the custom built equipments for litho & off-set printing presses nylon net manufacturing equipment, colour photograph processing facility etc. We also take pride to say that we were the pioneers to introduce sleek wall mounting Air conditioner stabilizers in the market using toroidal transformers.

Over the years, Kidsons has grown from strength to strength, gained considerable experience and have become a group with reputation for quality, reliability and performance in Kerala. Today, the company’s products are unrivalled in technological sophistication and quality assurance. We are dedicated to meet all the requirements of customers within minimum time.

Our Vision

To make Kidsons a trusted household name.

Our Mission

To make our products with quality standards and to give good performance.

To give good after sale service.

To offer products at economical rates.


All Kidsons products are developed and designed by our efficient R&D department. Our R&D is committed to the pursuit of innovative product developments. Highly qualified and motivated professionals & technical talents are included in our Research team.


At Kidsons, we believe only quality can ensure long life and growth. We take extreme care while selecting various components that go into production. Only reputed vendors are approached for outsourcing raw materials. Check points along production, inspection ensures each product is up to the quality standards. The finished products, before coming out of the factory go through various levels of checking inspections to confirm the quality of the product which conforms to customer needs and satisfaction. Kidsons always stands for Total customer satisfaction which is our motto!

Effective Back up Services

Kidsons has fully geared service centers manned by highly skilled technical personnel in all major cities. Customers can always solicit the service of these centers at any time. For any Kidsons product, service is always done to the fullest of customer's satisfaction.